Day 19: Gillingham to Dover – extra

Additional information to add to the blog about visiting The White Horse pub in Dover, where the channel swimmers came afterward and write their name and time on the walls.

Four people have done a triple crossing of the English Channel – one is Philip Rush. Philip is a Kiwi and a firefighter, and did the triple crossing in 1987.

The other people who have done a triple crossing were an American man in 1981, an Aussie woman in 2015 and a British woman in 1990.

Philip has the record. He swam the triple faster than the first person to swim it did it one way! It is amazing that Philip still has the record, made in 1987.

But what is also amazing is that only 8 people have done the double! And our Kiwi Philip has the record for that too.

…and you can guess that Phil would have been drunk in that place a few times!

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