Day 23: Brussels to Breda

First we had a 7 km convoy, then 96 km of very flat riding in a great bike lane. Getting out of the city was so much easier than getting in.

We went through a lovely town called Leir, with a very pretty clock tower old building and town hall, dating back to 1369.img_5298.jpgJust after that we came to a canal elevator bridge, just as a ship called Mathilde was going through carrying sand. Instead of it separating into two and then lifting up to let boats go through, the elevator bridge just lifts up.IMG_5295.jpgWe were on great bike paths all day, heaps of cyclists – none with helmets, even small children. Just after lunch we went past a forest of trees – possibly where Edward Scissor Hands came to (1990 American romantic dark fantasy film). img_5306.jpgHowever we then saw a truck go past with two huge trees with the roots enclosed in wrapping, so possibly they are growing these trees to sell.

We were mostly on tree lined country roads, which was great but occasionally we went over a bridge over the motorway. I couldn’t believe how many trucks there were on the motorway.

On the outskirts of Breda we went past Landgoed Bouvignae, a 16th century stately home, surrounded by water and gardens, very beautiful.



Landgoed Bouvigne


It was really hot and we stopped just before the hotel to have a cold beer. However just after we had bought a beer, the Irish pub bartender had an issue with the bikes – he wanted us to move them, and then didn’t like where we moved them to. They were “blocking the access for his customers”. I pointed out he currently had two – us! But no he wanted them moved, so his only two customers drunk their beer and went!

Today I saw hydrangeas everywhere, there are so many I wondered if they may be from here, but when I googled I saw they are native to Eastern Asia, and North and South America. I don’t recall seeing any in South America.


We are staying at the Hotel Apollo, and yay no convoy tomorrow into Amsterdam.



City Park coming to Hotel Apollo near railway station.


Both of my knees are really sore and I realised I have not been doing any stretching. I am having trouble bending and tonight I did lots of stretching. Luckily we only have tomorrow’s riding and then two rest days in Amsterdam.

Dinner was a buffet pretty standard buffet fare.

We had some very good news tonight, Laura who joined the trip with her husband Gregg in Dublin, was planning to do the whole trip but left in London as their golden retriever Kye had a mass on her liver and she had to see a specialist vet. Kye is only 9 and Laura and Gregg don’t have children so she is very precious. Thankfully it looks unlikely to be cancer and just needs to be rescanned in two months.

I have had nothing to read for the past couple of weeks (yep am making a list next trip), Michele has kindly lent me a book by David Baldacci “The fallen”, this is a new author to me, will see how it goes.


(Editor’s note: This photo had no caption, so not sure what it is or where to put it . . . )


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