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Day 24: Breda to Amsterdam – 109km

109 k basically flat riding. The temperature is not very warm.

For breakfast there was a buffet, with a place people can make their own tea and coffee.

The was lots of wind coming in north west, and we going north west, so it was a long, long day pushing into the wind. It was amazing the difference it made when there were hedges how much shelter it gave. IMG_5320.jpgWe had two very short ferry rides today, both only about 400 meters. The driver of the second ferry was delighted to be given a Pub Ride race plate and pointed it out displayed on his control platform. The race plate goes on the front of our bikes, showing our number and that the rides goes from Dublin to Copenhagen. Even though we are not racing, it identifies us as the TDA riding group.


First ferry crossing


Second ferry crossing

The wind was so relentless that a couple of riders gave it up at 70 km and caught the lunch truck in. Of course coming from Wellington riding in wind is normal for me. Wind in Wellington is referred to as your training friend!


Canal bridge opened for a boat

I was thinking as I was riding along looking at all the house with canals surrounding them, that in NZ this would probably all be required to be fenced, and wondering how they stop the toddlers wandering outside. I guess it becomes second nature not to let them out without supervision, and they no doubt either have high handles or locks on the doors.


Water water everywhere!

Most of the day we were on bike paths, but for a few kms we were on narrow country roads shared with cars and big trucks. Just after lunch a truck was behind me so I pulled over and looked back and realised it was a truck and trailer and very wide, so I went to pull over more but my right foot was still clipped in – over I went. I was very lucky not to end up in the canal. I was ok apart from some bruises and scrapes, and ripped Lycra. A lady driving behind the truck stopped fearing the worst as she had seen the truck and me flying sideways, and thought the truck had hit me, so was relieved to hear I was fine.


On the narrow road, soon before falling off

When we got into Amsterdam it was crazy busy, and we had to go through the city to the  hotel 5 km from city centre. There were so many cyclists and they go so fast.

We are staying at another Apollo hotel “Apollo Centrum” but it’s actually 5 km from the city.

We decided as we have two rest days in Amsterdam not to go into the city, but to have drink and dinner at the hotel up in 17th floor bar. We joined a group of riders that were already there, and other riders came and went during the evening. The process of paying for drinks and food was not very organised as the different riders came and went. We had a hamburger for dinner and a couple of beers and a Pisco Sour, and ended up at the end of the evening with €45 of food and drink that was not ours that we ended up paying for.IMG_5322.jpg

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