Day 27: Amsterdam to Zwolle

113 k flat ride today with mostly a tail wind, feeling very refreshed after two rest days plus the tail wind.

We are again mostly on bike paths. I am still finding it very hard to trust that cars are going to slow down and stop for cyclists at most intersections.

Amusing moment outside the hotel this morning, we have a weight and a size restriction on our bags – 23 kg and must be soft (not a suitcase). This is so the staff can safely lift them and they can fit in the van. Gergo had got annoyed as some of the bags had been increasing in weight so he weighed them. Of course the Wasp 2 was well over 30 kg, and she was trying to prove to Gergo that her bag was not heavy to lift, so attempted to hold it above her head and nearly fell over it was so heavy.

The Wasp 2 continues to be annoying, she rides on the road when there are bike lanes getting hooted at by angry truck drivers and motorists, and I have lost count of the times she has nearly been hit. At every hotel she is trying to negotiate an upgrade, organise coffee before they start serving, and pushing in in front of people. Hopefully she is not planning to do the North America ride. I try to ignore her but it’s difficult when she rides in front of you cutting in without warning.

The first 20 km on out of Amsterdam was a convoy on bike paths and through some lovely parks, nothing at all like the ride in.35114071_10155320158765780_4427376031019565056_n.jpg

Convoy out of Amsterdam along Amsterdam Rijnkanaal.


Today was riding through the countryside, lots of crops. It was pretty flat and apart from crops and windmills not much else to see. Very peaceful day riding through small villages, with thatched roofs etc.


Passing through Oostvaardersveld, a nature preserve in Lelystad.


Some beautiful boats along the many canals today.

We had about 30 km on the type of surface that is used on running tracks, fantastic to ride on.


Dutch bicycle lanes fantastic, plus cars must give way.

We are staying at Hotel Lumen. Today’s view is of a roof but today we can also see the sky. At least we can see the sky.

Dinner was in the hotel restaurant, we had a really nice mustard soup, followed by pork medallions with fried potatoes and salad. To finish we had a really nice chocolate brownie with yummy vanilla ice cream.


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2 thoughts on “Day 27: Amsterdam to Zwolle

  1. Liz

    Sounds lovely, Kaye, and nice countryside. All the best for the next stage.

    • kayehudson50

      Thanks Liz amazing to ride in countries with great bike paths and traffic generally gives way

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