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Day 29: Meppen to Bremen

129 km, pretty flat again and again not very warm. However no wind.

I was amused at breakfast once again we had candles, white table clothes and linen serviettes. How will I go back to bush camping and plastic plates/utensils (and no bush).

Once again mostly on bike paths and fields of corn, potatoes and barley with a back drop of windmills pretty much the view all day.

Saw an interesting sign on street to “beware of children”.  Children in German is kinder interestingly garten is German for garden, so kindergarten actually translates to “children garden”.IMG_5446We are staying in Bremen, which is where Becks Beer is brewed. The hotel room view today is another building. IMG_5479.jpg

We ate at a restaurant right by the hotel called the Sudtiroler Hiittee. The acoustics in the restaurant were shocking: low ceilings, all wood, and to make matters worse right by each table along one wall was a hole in the wall the size of a cupboard, that let all the noise in from the other side of the restaurant.

However the food was nice, to start was tomato soup, then a really nice steak with cheese potatoes and onion flakes on top, onions and potatoes. We wanted tap water but the waiter (owner?) said the water was no good to drink here. We found later the only issue with the water is it has a high PH. Of course he wanted us to drink bottled water so he could charge £4  for each bottle of water.IMG_5477After dinner we went to have a look around the town. Bremen has a very pretty town square.

There were a lot of beggars. I stopped to pat a wee dog who was sitting on what looked a homeless mans patch. I put some money in the tin for when he returned. He must have seen us going to the tin because he quickly appeared back.IMG_5454We had a look around the outside of Bremen Cathedral (St. Petri Dom zu Bremen), one of the biggest brick churches in Europe.IMG_5464We decided to stop at John Benton’s restaurant in the square, to listen to the busker playing the saxophone and have a cold beer.

Busker and John Benton restaurant on the square

While I went to the toilet Brett spied a man sitting near him drinking what looked a nice beer, and when the waitperson came to take our order Brett said we would have two of what the man was having. Well, we didn’t get the beer but we did get two plates of cold marinated raw herring, covered in cheese sauce with a mound of fried potato and onion! (Which was of course what the man was eating).


Brett and our plates of herring

We ordered a beer but by this stage the other man had gone, and we never found out what he was drinking. Germans in general love herrings, me not so keen, although to be fair it was not helped by the fact I was already full. The herring was cold, and although marinated it tasted raw and was covered by copious cheese sauce. IMG_5465

Heading back to the hotel past the railway station around 10pm.
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