Missed photos

Photos that missed going with their original blog posts:

Day 28: Zwollee to Meppen (25 June)

The barn had an interesting thatched pattern on the wall that I haven’t seen before.
IMG_5415.jpgWe saw the first Storks of the trip just after the border, and another few km further a baby birth announcement, with two storks and clothes on a line and the name Simon.IMG_5445.jpg

Just after this we came to a field with three horses, each with a foal. I was talking to Rhonda and the foals were much younger than I had thought, the one in the paddock closest to us was only 1-2 weeks. IMG_5436

Day 29: Meppen to Bremen

Once again mostly on bike paths and fields of corn, potatoes and barley with a back drop of windmills pretty much the view all day.IMG_5449

Matjes Herring, Fresh from the Barrel

Day 33: Sakskobing to Copenhagen

At breakfast I took a couple of photos of the riders in their 2018 Pub Ride riding top.

We are all wearing the 2018 Pub Ride shirt we got given last night, it is tradition to wear it on the last riding day of a trip.


Left to Right: Rhonda, Judy, Tim, Blythe, Shirley and Dan

Breakfast on last ride day, Hanns Fellenz and Chris Selenz


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One thought on “Missed photos

  1. Finally I caught up on your travels. Great trip. I’m going to join you one day! Where are you going next?

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