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The Tour d’Afrique

TOur D Afrique

Kaye will be joining this tour part way through, in Kenya on the 12th of March, and cycling to the end in South Africa on the 12th of May.

This is the ride that started it all, when Kaye read an article in the Saturday newspaper about a kiwi guy who had done the African ride. She originally wanted to do it too but her kids talked her out of it – to be fair, Mum had done hardly any travelling at that point, and if you read some of her original blogs about her travel to/around Russia, you can see why we were worried about her jetting off to Africa on her own! Instead, Kaye did the Trans-Europa one in 2012.

Finally, after 8 years, we feel she’s well traveled enough to let her go to Africa – at least she’s only doing part of it, and avoiding some of the more dangerous parts of the north.

You can read more about the trip here – it’s pretty different to Kaye’s last trip, this time they’ll be sleeping in tents 97% of the time!

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