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11 March: Nairobi – last day before ride starts

Today is all about getting ready for the ride. First up breakfast, then riders meeting with us and the four other new riders. I have met a number of riders but can remember hardly anyone’s names.

After the riders meeting I sorted out my permanent and daily bags and did the washing in a bucket while Brett put the bikes together.

Then a beef burger for lunch followed by catching up on the blog, news and emails.

Sobering news with the Ethiopian plane crash. Four of the riders caught the same plane the day before, and two of them were originally planning to come the day later.

Spent some time chatting to Shirley and Dan, catching up on the news of other riders from other tours.

All the riders look very fit having done two months of hard riding already.

Tomorrow we have 159 km and 1,000 meters of climbing eeek! Not sure how I am going to get on. Thankfully only two riding days until a rest day.

Tomorrow is up at 5:45 for the riders meeting at 6 am, then breakfast and off as soon as it is light. The traffic is very busy here and the road shoulders are not great, rough and uneven and with glass and speed bumps to stop the motor bikes. Thankfully we are riding out of Nairobi not into it.

We are going to be bush camping tomorrow so now showers or toilets.

Dinner tonight is a buffet – Beetroot soup, Cinnamon roasted pork and roast beef, Potatoes and salads, with fresh fruit for dessert.

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Below is a video of the elephants at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, where we went yesterday:

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