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17 March: Arusha to Bavaria

Today we have 172 km to ride, with 1150 meters up and 1140 down, I managed to arrive into toughest section of the entire trip.

I’m not feeling that great heading into the day with only a couple of hours sleep, but at least most of the climbing is after lunch.

I am tempted to go over to where the overland tour are camping and sing “good morning sun” and “rise and shine sleepy Joe” but decide that would 1. Take too much energy and 2. Be petty.

A great ride to lunch, nice and cool – perfect riding for me, lots of rolling hills getting up most of the hills at least two thirds for free.

We got to lunch at 70 km by 1030 am. Then it got hot and the afternoon dragged on and on.

There were lots of children smiling and waving as we went past. Bikes are used not just for riding here, but also carrying sacks of rice, big bundles of firewood, and 20 litre water containers with about 4 to 5 containers balanced on the bike. The bikes have no gears, but the young boys still try and race us.

We stopped a couple of times for more water. At one stop we were surrounded by a group of small children, about 12 of them, who wanted to touch us. They were very cute.

It is much greener here than Kenya, and we are now seeing gardens, crops and trees, with mountains in the distance.

I made it to 143 km and decided enough was enough, and got in the truck when it came past.

We are staying at a camp site with some rooms available, but they are pretty basic so decided to sleep in the tent. TDA hired two of the rooms so we could use them for toilets and showers. The showers are cold but still felt good.

Next door there are two separate lodges where you can buy cold drinks. Dinner was Spaghetti bolognaise with tomato and cucumber salad.

I was stuffed and in my tent by 7pm, but had a bad sleep again –  it was hot and lots of people talking all around, plus the rustling of other tents and flies opening and shutting.

Plus, I have managed to put my tent up right by a snorer I need to watch out for – yellow north face tent in future.

The other riders seem friendly and I am starting to learn some names. Unlike other rides, less than a third have done TDA rides before.


Lollipop shepherds

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