23 March: Makongolosi to Mbeya

The music went on until 2:30am, accompanied by laughter and motor bikes Then a rooster started crowing – I think I slept less than an hour the entire night.

Tallis, who took Clint into Mbeya to the hospital, said the first 45 km of road was shocking. After the hard ride yesterday and the lack of sleep, plus facing a 120 km ride 45 km of it on a horrid road, then 2099 meters climbing all in the last 40 km I decided to do what any sensible person would do and caught a ride to camp with Tallis. I decided to try and get a room at the next place.

Shirley and Dan, and Veronica and Phil asked me to try and get them a room as well.

The first 45 km of road was terrible, it was so bumpy and the truck was swaying around so much I got car sick. Fiona from Canada (first TDA ride) and Bldra from Netherlands (first TDA) were also in the truck. Bldra was the rider who fell a couple weeks of days ago and needed stitches and lost his EFI status.  Bldra was talking with Fiona about the Ngorongro crater.  Bldra said it was great seeing all the animals, but every 5 km there was a shop and a toilet with a shelter with charging facilities, and it seemed all very plastic.Untitled1We stopped at the lunch spot and helped with preparing lunch. There is a serious head wind that the riders are going to have to contend with as well. At least this is the last of the gravel until Namibia.

A serious climb after lunch also very bleak, looks like it may rain and is very misty up on the top.


Back on the tar, drop down into Mbeya

We are staying at the Mbeya Hotel where I managed to get three rooms.

The room we are staying in has a random dining room attached to it, I can’t imagine we will be eating there but a perfect spot to park two bikes.

Outside some young girls are hovering around wanting to do our laundry, after seven days riding in a row there is a lot.

The room has air conditioning and the shower has hot water, I feel like a new woman.

While I am waiting for Brett I spend my time sorting out my iPhone which needs to be set up. This is not my strength, but with persistence and some choice words I managed to set up Messenger, Facebook, Gmail and Google. I was pretty pleased with myself.

Once Brett arrived and had had a shower we headed to the bar for a nice cold beer. Yay beer that has actually been in fridge.

I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on emails, photos and the blog.

The Hotel has restaurant so like most of the riders we decided to eat in. For dinner I had Chicken Tikka Masla but no roti or naan as the kitchen doesn’t start making roti or naan until 7pm and we were there for dinner at 5:30.

Clint has been seen by the hospital and they can’t see anything major but his right leg is numb and he is walking with a walking frame, not looking good for him to be back riding anytime soon.

After dinner off to bed – 7 nights with little sleep and 6 days of pretty hard riding, I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

Yay a rest day tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “23 March: Makongolosi to Mbeya

  1. Emma Williams

    Amazing Kaye – loving reading your blog. You’re fabulous… keep going! Em xx

  2. kayehudson50

    Thanks Emma hope all going well with you

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