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24 March: Rest day in Mbeya

It was lovely not having to get up at 5 am. I slept really well minus the street noise and a nice cool room. For breakfast there was cornflakes with hot milk, and an omelette with white bread, toast and jam.

After breakfast we headed off to look for a supermarket but everything was shut out near the hotel as it was Sunday morning. In the end we flagged a tuk tuk and went further into town where there was a 24 hour Superette. I needed sunscreen, batteries, and bug spray. I bought a big bottle of SPC 50 plus in Arusha and got really badly burnt the day I used it, so am now back to the Nivea 20 SPC. The Superette has bug spray so I figured the tour had batteries and sunscreen could keep going to the next rest day. Brett’s head lamp has stopped working so we headed off to find either a head lamp or a torch. The tuk tuk driver who had waited for us took us off to a number of different shops before Brett got a torch.

Back to the hotel to sort out our gear for the next lot of riding. Only 2 days for the next section. I spent the rest of the morning sewing up my 10-year-old jacket. I hadn’t realised just how sun damaged it was and the fabric is falling apart. I haven’t seen anywhere to buy another one and don’t want to ride without high vis so I guess a portion of each rest day will be spent patching it up. IMG_7692We had lunch at the hotel restaurant which was really nice, chicken Szechuan with noodle and vegetable rice – it was nice and spicy.

Having noticed how many children there were I got onto google and had a look at the birth rate and population.  Tanzania had a population of 57 million in 2017, rising to 59 million in 2018. A staggering 44% of population is under 15. The fertility rate is 5.01 per female. The unemployment rate is 9.10% but 67% are under poverty line and 9% live in extreme poverty – down from 11% in 2009 so at least it is going in the right direction.

I spent the afternoon napping and catching up with photos, emails and the blog.

Back to the restaurant for dinner: vegetarian pizza with a Serengeti beer. Brett got a chicken pizza. I ended up leaving about a third, I thought about taking it back to my room but decided I was unlikely to eat it.

Back to riding tomorrow.


Mbeya Hotel cottage

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