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27 March: Rest day Chitimba Beach

It was so hot last night I woke up soaked. Hopefully the power will be working tonight.

We had breakfast chatting to Gerry and Lenora from Canada. It’s their first TDA Ride. They have 3 daughters. Gerry used to own a restaurant and Lenora was a financial advisor. They had a life style change and first off did a chef course out of interest, and since then they have been traveling.

After breakfast time to do the washing, had quite a good system with 3 separate buckets. After hanging out the washing I sorted my bags and spent some time on emails and on the blog.

Lunch was chapatti with egg, tomato, and pepper – I didn’t expect it to be an actual omelet wrapped in a chapatti.

Ed the owner is also a very good photographer and has had some of his work in the National geographic. Ed showed us a portfolio of prints he had, Shirley and Dan and Brett and I bought a couple of him.

After that a walk along the lake and it was time for dinner. When we were at the lake yesterday Brett was surrounded by a group of locals who wanted him to buy a carved bottle opener which he agreed and arranged to meet at 4pm today by the gate. Brett was a couple of minutes late and the guy who he was to meet had left, but a couple of his friends were there to get the money. It turned a bit ugly – three separate people wanted the money. Thankfully Brett was able to leave them to it.

Tonight TDA have done a Pig on spit (thankfully with the head removed). There was fried egg plant for vegetarians was really nice. There was mashed potato and an African dish -cabbage and peanut butter mixed in (not a fan), as well as tomato and cucumber salad.
Then as there had been two birthdays, there were two different chocolate slices. They were very nice but very sweet so I was glad I had only got half of each.

Tonight thankfully the fan is working and even though it is very small it should make a difference.


Rest day bach at Chitimba Beach


Geckos sharing the Bach

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