30 March: Luviri to Kasungu

Today was a shorter day with 108 km to ride with 500 metres to climb up, and 900 down. The directions were basically turn right out of camp then turn left at 105 km and then stop at 108km. Much easier than the pages of notes with the Pub and Odyssey rides.

There were children around by 5:15am already, quietly watching us pack up.

It is much cooler this morning and I am wearing arm warmers. It is nice to have a shorter day after yesterday. I was at lunch at 61 km by 930am, into camp at 1130 am. Today lots of children demanding money.


 Roadside kids

The view is pretty much the same as the day before but a lot less up hill. The uphill is not steep and is followed by good descents.

We are camped in the grounds of the Kasungu Hotel and there are rooms available. The hotel was opened by the then Prime Minister in 1973 and it looks like this was the last time it had any money spent on it. However, the rooms are clean with a shower (cold of course) and a toilet.

I had a nap but then had to get up and run to the toilet a few times, hopefully a passing bout not a nasty bug. All seemed to have settled down by tea time, so I went over for dinner. Vegetarian meatless balls that were very nice with broccoli, carrot, cauliflower and beans which were extremely over cooked, with rice, and tomatoes and capsicum salad.

Once we got back to the room I couldn’t sleep, it was really hot even with a fan going in the corner. I ended up opening all the windows as there was netting, despite letting the noise in from outside.

I then started imaging that I could feel bugs biting me, then started worrying about bed bugs and of course stated itching! As well I have developed an asthma cough, so have upped the preventer to twice a day.

In the end I got out my sleeping bag and pillow and slept on top of the bed.


On the road to Kasungu

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