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Lost Photos Update

Below are a random assortment of photos that missed going with their original posts:


Mar 3: Packed and ready to depart Wellington


Mar 4: Arrival in Dubai


Mar 4: Dubai view from the hotel room – not too hard to take


Mar 8: Large baboon herd, don’t like you getting too close

31 March view from the road

March 31: view from the road

31 March view from the road (2)

March 31: view from the road


March 31: Local kids at the lunch stop. If you expand the picture you can see one of the babies has plaits (Editor’s note: This is the “baby with dreadlocks” from an earlier post)

2 nd April Border crossing Sam and Stephanie TDA staff waiting for the riders to clear through customs

April 2nd: Border crossing, TDA staff Sam and Stephanie waiting for the riders to clear through customs

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5 April: Luangwa to Jehovah school

Today there is 124 km to ride, with 1720 of climbing and 990 down.

There is quite a steep climb out of camp which I decided not to do and rode the lunch truck to lunch at 60 km.

As I am over the gastro, I am able to help preparing lunch so I spent awhile doing this before leaving to ride the last 64 km.


Sunrise departure from Luangwa Bridge Camp

I had filled up my water bottles before I left but it was very hot and there was a lot of climbing and I ran out of water. I stopped at what looked like a shop, but it was a bar with the option of gin or coffee, neither of which were a good option. I rode for another couple of km and thankfully Tallis came past and filled up both of my water bottles for me.


Inside the Chicago Bar. Only rough spirits, no cold beer.

Same as every day, mostly friendly locals, and smiling and waving small children.

Once again we are staying on a school field. It is very hot and dry putting up the tents. The children are very well behaved standing and watching with great interest but not pushing and demanding.

After I had put up the tents I got out a couple of skipping ropes that I had bought and gave them to the children. I had to demonstrate what to do but they picked it up very quickly. One of the school teachers – Elisabeth – came over to see what the story on the ropes was – whether they were just a loan for a few hours, but I assured her they were for the school to keep. The children were so pleased with them I wished I had bought more.


Talking to the teacher Elisabeth

No showers but there are toilets (the hole in the ground type). Dinner was Vegetarian Cottage pie, which was really nice.

Camp is nice and quiet, and there are not many bugs about.


Luangwa Bridge Village


Rolling hill country plenty of climbing


Village near Jehovah School Camp

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