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7 April: Rest day in Lusaka

I had a great start to the day, had a messenger call with the family who were all at a Kelly’s for dinner. Plus, got to sing happy birthday while Lucy cut her birthday cake. I chatted to everyone except Jig, Sienna and Thalia who weren’t there.

Nice buffet breakfast down in the restaurant, then off to the nearby Manda Mall to get a few supplies, plus a Brett needed to get a SIM card.

Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia and it is quite a big city. The mall was big, not as enormous as Dubai, but as big as the malls in NZ.

We had room service again for lunch, I had a margarita pizza and Brett had steak and veges, plus the bottle of Rose we bought at the mall.


Rest Day at Radisson Blue Hotel

All too soon it was time to catch the taxi back to camp.

When we arrived back, clearly there had been issues with food as TDA had organized a barbecue with riders to bring their own meat, but as we were not in camp we hadn’t got the message. However good for us as far as the camp restaurant was concerned.

After collecting the washing and packing for the next 3 riding days, we sat in the bar with Shirley and Dan and had Pizza (again) and red wine.

I am not looking forward to the start of the ride tomorrow, first the dirt and then the crazy traffic. I got to sleep ok but woke in a panic in middle of night thinking I had left my purse with both my credit cards in the restaurant, but thankfully they were tucked in one of the tent pockets. It did take a while to go back to sleep.

Background info on Zambia

Population 17.09 mil up from 2.34 mil in 1950
49% under 15
54.5% live under the poverty line which increases to 83% in rural areas
Poor health including aids pandemic, other diseases, and hunger makes the average life expectancy 37.5 years, the fourth lowest in the world.

The Top Five of the largest causes of poverty in Zambia


A fancy picture of the hotel from their website

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