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9 April: Soccer field camp to Ruze Chalets (40 km from Choma Town)

Today we have 181 km to ride with 720 metres up and about 200 metres down. The longest ride I have done previously was 176 km on South American ride.  There is a slight up gradient most of day but nothing steep.

I rode from 30 km with Fitz and Carl. They stop more than I would on my own and it’s good to have the company. I am not 100% comfortable popping into the bush when by myself, so it’s much easier to ride in a group.

The dog Fitz has is called Lucy, and Lucy is 11 years old. The plan when Fitz retired in 2016 was to live in both China and Hong Kong, but this wouldn’t work with Lucy so they stay in Sanya in China. Sanya is by the sea and Fitz says it’s like living in paradise.
There are no places to buy water before lunch at 85 to 90 km, so I drunk a bottle of water before leaving camp.

Before lunch there is not a lot of climbing but after lunch there are lots of rolling hills that I try and get as far up each one for free as I can.

We stopped at 93 km for a drink and I had my first experience of Wildcat energy drink. As I am very sensitive to caffeine I didn’t drink much of it but put it in my apidura (bag on the back of my bike) to have more later.

At 137 km we stopped at the next town and had a ginger beer. It’s really hot and I’m getting tired and a bit daunting to think there is 40 km to go.


Zambian Railways

As usual the locals, especially the children, have been smiling and waving as we pass.

The clouds are starting to look ominous, getting blacker and blacker and sure enough 25 km from camp it starts to pour down again. I am really not looking forward to getting to camp to a tent in the rain. The last 25 km seems endless and my speedometer stops going at 165 km so it’s hard to judge how much further to go.

I got into camp about 4:45pm and was delighted to find Brett has got a chalet. When it was built it would have been nice but once again no maintenance has been done for years. The bath doesn’t work, the mosquito netting was torn, and randomly as well as two large couches there are two double mattresses pushed against the wall. However, it is dry, there is a toilet, and you can stand up inside.

The power went out in the whole complex from 5:30 pm until sometime during the night. I noticed because the room ceiling fan came on.

The dinner was wraps with avocado, salad, cheese, vegetarian meat, and tomato which was very nice.

We went to the bar after dinner, Brett was thinking about a whiskey and I thought a brandy and ginger would be nice but the bar will only sell you spirits if you buy a whole bottle! Needless to say we didn’t take up the offer.

There is no cellphone service on my phone.


Drying out at Ruze Chalets


Drying out at Ruze Chalets

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