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10 April: Ruze Chalets to Livingston

During the night the bed got more and more saggy and by the time I got up it was like sleeping in a nest.

Today we have 153 km to ride, we were told 490 of climbing (actually was over 850 metres up). The profile of the day showed a steady down profile but actually it was lots of climbing up hills with down hills. We have done over 500 km in 3 days riding and am feeling pretty tired.

At lunch there was a very skinny, very nice natured young dog about 9 -12 months old, sitting quietly amongst the riders at lunch waiting patiently and hopefully for donations. I spoke to Lulu later who said that by the time the lunch truck left he couldn’t eat anymore and she had given him a container of sausages that he had taken and buried for later.

Once we got into Livingston the traffic in town and to camp was very busy, and a few times I had to get off the roads for trucks.


Getting close to Livingstone and Victoria Falls and 3 rest days

I wanted to get to the camp quickly as there was going to be a bike donation. Every time you register for a TDA ride you pay USD $150 that doesn’t come off the total but is donation to TDA that is used to buy bikes in Africa. Today they are giving away 23 bikes to a mixture of schools and health clinics. The presentation involved speeches and dances by local youths, it was pretty cool. There was also some pizza.


TDA Global Cycling Foundation Bicycle Presentation

We have booked four nights in the Chrismar Hotel which is 700 metres from the camp. Before we left the camp to go to our hotel, we went to the travel office and booked a helicopter ride over the falls for the next morning, and a sunset cruise on the Zambian river.

700 metres is not reasonable to get a taxi so we walked. A bit of mission carrying two bags and we had to stop twice.

When we got to the hotel they couldn’t find our booking, luckily Brett had it printed. Finally got sorted and got to the room which is very nice. A bedroom with separate bathroom and sitting room.

We cleaned up and went for dinner, the service in the restaurant was extremely slow – over 90 minutes from ordering till arrival. I was very pleased that I had had a couple of slices of Pizza at the bike donation. Brett had Grecian steak which was tough and chewy, it had olives and feta on top. I had a whole fried Bream fish which was very nice.

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