11 April : Rest day one Victoria Falls

I woke up at 5am still, despite it being a rest day. It has been pouring all night, the chalet has a straw / thatched roof which has been leaking. We put towels on the floor where it was leaking.

We had breakfast which is a buffet. The moment you finish, your plate is whisked away – including your saucer when you raise your cup to drink.

We had to be at reception at 9 am for the helicopter ride. We waited at reception until 9 am, no message and no pick up. We got reception to ring the travel agency to find all flights postponed for the day.

We got a taxi into the shopping centre to get a few supplies and got some cheese, crackers and a bottle of rose for lunch.


Livingston Township

Got back to the hotel to find the roof still leaking, but the towels had been removed! We asked at reception if they had an umbrella for getting to and from the room, no they have run out. The chalet is about a 3 minute fast walk in the open.


Rest Day at Chrismar Hotel. Wet, wet, wet


Chrismar Hotel

We must have dropped a few crumbs on the floor, as after lunch I was sorting a few emails and Brett said to look down – I had black ants totally covering my feet.

The hotel is about $400 Australian a night – everything is very expensive here but I thought it was a bit much when I found to use the swimming pool you have to pay about $20 each time.

Just after lunch we had a phone call from reception asking why we weren’t out of the room, so Brett had to go back to reception to show them the booking information again!

When the pick-up for the sunset cruise arrived, the receptionist had just finished assuring the driver that weren’t guests in the hotel! Luckily we came out 10 minutes early. We sat in the van for about 15 min, I thought we were waiting for another guest from the hotel. After 15 minutes the driver said “we need to go as otherwise we would miss the boat”. Yes we said. He then asked when the third person with us was arriving – there wasn’t a third person so off we went.

The sunset cruise was fun even though it was pouring with rain, and there was hardly any sunset. The staff were very friendly. We chatted to a bunch of motorcyclists who were doing a motor bike ride tour. They have a tour leader and they hire the motorcycles.

We didn’t see much – a crocodile, and an elephant through the trees. The meal was chicken stew, sausages with a bread roll and coleslaw.


Sunset river cruise


Sunset cruise


A bit of sunset out of the gloom


Sunset on Zambezi river cruise


Crocodile on the river cruise


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