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15 April: Kasane to Elephant camp

171 km to ride, with 580 metres of climbing and 490 metres down.

Today I am riding with Karl and Fritz cats again. When we were leaving camp we saw a big bunch of baboons, plus a few Warthogs, just outside the camp.

At about 10 km out there was a sign warning about elephants.  This highway is called Elephant Highway but no sighting of elephants today. We have Lucy riding with us as we have been advised not to ride by ourselves due to the wild animals.


The ride was pretty much the same scenery all day: grass, some scraggly trees and very dry. The ride seemed to take a long time with no real new points of interest. A clear bright blue sky, hot sun, and not a lot of cars.

The only change is we haven’t seen any children all day, and we have started seeing large fields of crops which would have had to have machines involved with the planting. The crops are sorghum which is a type of grain.


About 4 km before camp we had a very scary moment. Carl and Fritz’s were riding in front and Lucy and I were about 100 metres behind. Three trucks with cabs only came racing past, and I am not sure whether one lost control, blew a tyre or what, but suddenly one was in the wrong lane and there was a truck coming the other way and suddenly there were two trucks skidding all over the road. Lucy and I were screaming to Carl and Fritz to get off the road but they didn’t hear us. Luckily the trucks managed to avoid each other, stay on the road, and not hit Carl and Fritz’s, but it was very scary. I think the drivers were pretty shaken as they all stopped.

Tonight is a bush camp with no toilet or shower, and I was expecting no cold drinks but Tallis has organised a chilly bin with cold drinks and an honesty box.

I am really itchy because despite putting on bug stuff frequently I keep getting bitten, even through my clothes. It was so irritating that in the end I took an anti-histamine.

Today is Romy’s 32 birthday. Romy is from the Netherlands, this is her first TDA tour, she has no pets and is an architecture. Romy asked each of the riders if they could know one thing now that they didn’t know when they were 32. My response was: time goes so much faster than you think.

For dinner we had Vegetarian spaghetti bolognese.


Departing Elephant Camp


Departing Elephant Camp

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