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16 April: Elephant camp to Nata (Nata lodge)

Fairly flat day with not much climbing, 143 km to ride and not much traffic.

When we were leaving camp there was a donkey walking with great difficulty, limping and braying with pain. There wasn’t anything I could do at the time but I googled animal services in Maun and found one that you could report issues with domestic animals including free ranging horses, cows and donkeys, and I reported it.

Today I rode with the wildcats again, plus Tom in the morning. Tom is from Canada, it’s his first TDA ride and he is retired from being a director and making documentaries, and now is writing books. Tom has 5 children and no pets.

We have an interesting range of occupations from retired high court judge, anesthetist, pediatrician, company directors; author; ex-ship captain, accountants, exam administrator, vet, knife maker, retired farmers, architect, retired restaurant owners, to name a few.

Today on the Elephant Highway we saw elephants. First we saw a bull elephant behind a tree, then we saw a group of three having a water bath, then later two more elephants on the other side of the road in the bush.

It is a very hot day and we were very pleased to find a shop to buy a cold drink on the way. The ride seemed to drag on, especially with a head wind in the afternoon but finally got to camp.


I was delighted to find that Brett had been able to book a room. The room was very nice with a lovely outside secluded shower and a free standing bath. I was even more delighted to be in a room when it started to pour with rain.

Dinner was pumpkin, potatoes, coleslaw and vegetarian pasta (meat eaters had t-bone steaks).

Gerry did a stand up joke performance about the dangers of the Wildcats, how they are trying to take over the group and that we are secretly working for the Wildcat company. It was very funny but hard to describe, and now we have to plan a retaliatory response.

I have not got a SIM card yet and tried to use the camp WIFI but it was very weak and couldn’t log on. Not expecting to have coverage again tomorrow.

Tomorrow we have 185km to ride, which will be a personal best if I make it.

This trip is certainly pushing past the 100 kms a day average! New riders who joined in Livingston must wonder what they have come into when we are all chatting this morning “Yay short day, only 143 k”.


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