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18 April: Bush camp to Maun (Riverside Hotel Camping)

134 k to ride today, with the flat road.


Sunrise at Bush Camp

I woke up feeling fine but about 20 km into the ride I was feeling really nauseous and had a sore stomach with lots of cramps, which did not get any better. I felt like I had to keep belching and was feeling clammy. It didn’t improve so I decided to stop at lunch and go the rest of the way in the lunch truck.

Every day when we are near the lunch spot we start looking out for Dougy a little green cow that is put out on the road to highlight the lunch spot, I am always delighted to see him.


Dougy – the lunchtime mascot. Unfortunately he was stolen shortly after this photo was taken

Before I got to lunch an old stray dog had wandered up and the staff had given him the left over T-bone meat from the night before, which he wolfed down very quickly – he clearly was very hungry. He also had a nasty head wound so once he had finished eating, Tallis gripped him and put some ointment on him. He wasn’t so keen on the TDA staff after that.

I was hoping to be able to get a room in Maun at the Riverside hotel, however it is Easter and the place is fully booked and there is nothing available nearby. Plus, no chance of getting a SIM card. Not my happiest moment of the trip! So tenting! Oh yay, in the heat, on dirt. At least the place does laundry.

The Restaurant was really really slow, forgot people’s orders, and after two or three requests would let you know they didn’t have what you ordered on the menu. I hadn’t had any lunch as was feeling nauseous, so hadn’t eaten since 6:30 am – so by 4:30 I was started to feeling quite frantic. I finally got a roll of French bread with a spicy sauce, tomato, and thinly sliced beef – it was actually very nice. I gave up on vegetarian options after seeing the problems Shirley had. Shirley in the end, after getting the vegetarian burger with food she doesn’t eat on it (cheese and mayonnaise), walked out and went to the service station.

Elephant footprints: 

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