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21 April: Bush camp to Ghanzi Thakadu bush camp

144 km with basically flat roads all day.

We have the same scenery again today and same beautiful bright blue skies.

We needed to go through a foot and mouth check at 21 km. Our bikes had to go through a dip, thankfully not too deep with us riding them. Plus, we had to stand on a mat with a treatment on it. Cattle farming is one of the main industries here.

Towards mid-afternoon it started to look like rain was a distinct possibility. At 134 km we came to a small town with a very nice supermarket and sat outside eating ice cream and chippies. Then off for the last 9 km. The last 3 km were nasty sand, most of it impossible to ride on. Not going to be a great start to the 208 km day tomorrow!

With the evening blackening sky, I was pleased to find Brett had managed to get a room.

Tonight was the planned retribution against Gerry, and my job was to plant a bottle of Wildcat drink in his bike bag while he was not looking, before the rider’s meeting. I managed to do this despite it being inside his tent. At the riders meeting I advised the group that we had a closet Wildcat amongst us, and they will be amazed to know – it’s Gerry! Gerry protested his innocence, and I asked Fritz to go with Gerry and inspect his bike bag, where of course a bottle of Wildcat drink was discovered. It was pretty fun, but hard to describe.


Gerry, a retired restaurant owner who we “outed” as a Wildcat fan 

After dinner, which was veggie burgers, a number of us went up to the bar to use the WIFI and have a drink. Behind the bar was a tally of wild animals seen by guests that day – so we added “Wildcats 3” to the tally.

While we were in the bar it started to pour with rain, and we had thunder and lightning. Very pleased I am not in a tent.

Feeling very daunted by the 208 km ride tomorrow, but would really like to make 200🤞


Dougy – the lunchtime mascot. Unfortunately he was went missing shortly after this photo was taken

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