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23 April: East Gate Camp Buitenbos to Witvlei regional council depo

Today we have 161.5km to ride, 450 up and 270 down.

At 2 am I thought I would never be able to ride, could hardly move and struggled to get up to go to the toilet. At 4 am I was able to get up ok.

It was very dark and cold this morning. When we left the camp the first 15 km was very misty and cold. Once the sun came out the day warmed up. 


Early morning riding

The road is narrow so it’s a bit scary when cars are going both ways.

At 20 km I saw Tallis heading back past us in the van, and then a few minutes later coming back with a bike on top – turned out Angela (who wants to eat giraffe) had rung for a lift because she was cold! Seriously! Especially given she has done this ride before!

The road is the same as it has been for the past week or so, dry with trees and grass and reddish brown dirt.

I have sore hands, feet and butt. Also having ongoing problems with nausea and burping.

Lunch was at 85 km.

At 95 km the lunch truck came past and I gave it the thumbs up so it sailed past. At 100 km I was really regretting this. Everything hurt, and I was not looking forward to the turn at 109 km and battling a head wind for the next 51 km to a bush camp.

At 108 km at the town I saw the lunch truck parked outside the supermarket, so called it a day.

The town is very flash, the women dress in Victorian clothes – https://edition.cnn.com/2011/11/03/world/africa/namibia-victorian-fashion


Africa’s Victorian ladies – The traditional hat that the Herero wear represents the horns of cattle, an animal of significant importance to them (Photo credit: CNN)


Africa’s Victorian ladies – Photographer Eric Lafforgue says that the Herero women can be shy about getting their photographs taken and some will refuse (Photo credit: CNN)

The camp is a dirt patch, very hard ground with no toilet or showers. A local woman advised us that there were snakes but I didn’t see any.

There were cold drinks available at a Shell service station 500 metres away.

Dinner was garlic bread, mushrooms, capsicum stuffed with lentils and tomato and cucumber salad.

Carl and Fritz got in just as the riders meeting before dinner was starting.  They were very pleased with the cold drinks I had waiting for them.

It was a cold night in the tent – the first time in my sleeping bag fully zipped up – and still a bit cold.

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