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26 April: Rest day two in Windhoek

Another great breakfast so nice to sit at a table and have nice crockery and be able to have as many cups of tea as you want. Before breakfast I was lucky enough to catch up with 4 of my children and 3 of my grandchildren. Two of my grandchildren Lucy and Jig were staying the night at my house and were going to sleep in my bed. I got a great photo later from my daughter Shellbe of Lucy and Jig tucked up in my bed.

I spent the time after breakfast catching up with banking, emails and the blog. We had organized a 1 pm check out which made the day much more leisurely. We had lunch in the room – cheese, fresh bread and shared a bottle of Chennin Blanc.

After lunch sadly it was time to leave this lovely hotel and go back to the urban retreat to sort out the daily and permanent bags.


Our lovely hotel

It is still really hot at the camp and really crowded. After coming here yesterday I went online and have found accommodation over the road tonight at a hotel called the Roof of Africa. It’s pretty basic and probably seems even more so after the lovely place we stayed the last couple of nights, but it is way better than camping on the gravel surrounded by other tents.

It’s Fritz’s birthday today. As well as buying him some chocolates we had arranged to meet up the road for dinner at a place called “Joe’s Bar”. There were 6 of us: Shirley, Dan, Fritz, Carl, Brett, Tom and me (Editor’s note: Pretty sure that is 7?!).


The bar sells a lot of game meat including zebra, crocodile and deer (Kudu and Springbok) but no one in our group had any. I had spiced roasted chicken and salad, and a glass of chenin blanc, plus an IPA Beer.

Joe’s bar is only 700 metres from the hotel but we had been advised under no circumstances to walk after dark so we got a taxi back.

Two of the riders have had problems – Steve had a guy at mall try to get 10 dollars off him and when Steve didn’t pass it over he tried to take his phone. One of the new riders Rochelle, who joined in Livingston, had her phone stolen out of her backpack at the mall.


Wildcats at Joe’s Beerhouse

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