3 May: Konkiep Lap to Seehiem Hotel

Today we have 127 km to ride, with only 520 metres up and 920 k down.

It is getting noticeably colder in the morning and darker, so it is getting later as we set off. To start off we have a lovely smooth gravel road for the first 31 km then paved all the way until 2 km before camp.


Cold morning: fire and toast for breakfast

I rode with Brett and we stopped at the town at 31 km. We went into a shop that is like a 4-Square in NZ and managed to get a SIM card finally, and return the message to my daughter Tracey to ring her as soon as possible. I also got some more money out of the ATM.

There was a very nice cafe next to the 4-Square where we and numerous other riders stopped. We had a very nice cup of tea and carrot cake.


Old church in Bethanie


Back on the tar at village of Bethanie

It was a very easy ride to lunch and after lunch we had a bit of climbing but stunning scenery to look at. Amazing mountain ranges as far as you could see.

Nasty 2 km of gravel once we turned off the main road just before camp, but we had made really good time and were in camp by 230pm.


Dropping down to the Fish River

We are camping by a hotel which is old and historic, and by where the train used to run. However, it was mostly burnt down a year ago by a disgruntled employee and a lot of it is just shell. There is still a bar with a veranda and a swimming pool, and a few rooms have been rebuilt. The TDA riders made the most of an early day and a bar with a veranda to relax in the sun with a cold drink.

I had a swim in the pool it was icy cold but very refreshing.

Dinner was Spaghetti bolognaise. At the riders meeting it was announced that at the next and last rest day we are having TDA riders Olympics in teams. Details to follow.


Publican and bar at Seeheim Hotel

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