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6 May: Rest day Felix Unite Camp

On the way up to breakfast I noticed in the bank by cabana there are hundreds of swallow nests in the bank. I didn’t see them yesterday when I arrived possibly because the sun was directly on them and it was too hot. (later on I couldn’t see them in the afternoon when the sun was directly on them).


Swallow nests in the earth bank

First off, up to the breakfast buffet .What a debacle, a buffet with no food! Even if there had been food, there were no plates, bowls, glasses, cups or utensils to eat it with anyway. There are no other options to eat so once again Africa time prevails. As I commented yesterday, if you know you have 63 people staying, and you are the only option for breakfast, possibly employ some more staff for the day and get extra supplies.

First of all out came toast but no butter, then into the buffet about 6 slices of bacon, then there was juice but no glasses and so on it went.  After about 40 minutes I managed to get a cup of tea and milk, and toast and butter. I used Dans saucer from his coffee to get a bowl of cereal. We tried to settle the bill before we left but they said they were busy and to come back later.

Due to the breakfast experience and the TDA olympics which were meant to start at 2pm, we were at lunch bang on 12pm, when the restaurant hours said they were open. We were told: “Come back later, we are still setting the tables for lunch”. We came back but were still not allowed in the restaurant, but we were allowed to order sitting outside. I had lasagne and Brett had fish – accompanied by literally hundreds of flies! I spent the whole meal shooing them away. We tried to sort the breakfast and lunch bill, but were told “come back and sort it out later, we are too busy at the moment”.

Today we have the TDA olympics. This was meant to start at 2pm, we got there at 2pm and found the time had been pushed back to 2:30pm. We came back at 2:30 and waited, and waited! I was already lacking in desire to do this but was fronting up as part of a team.

At 3:10pm I said to the organisers that it either needed to start or the other teams who were not there should forfeit. All the Wildcat team were there.

Finally at 3:15 we started. We were doing team challenges. It will be if no surprise to know the Wildcats have a team, but what was a surprise was Gerry gave us a written application to join our team. I was highly suspicious.


Olympics at Felix Unite Camp

We had 6 challenges and one member of each team has to choose which one to do:
1. Eat food hanging from the clothes line (with hands tied behind your back)
2. Furthest throw of a bike shoe (we chose my riding sandals as they are the heaviest)
3. Ride the bike holding an egg on a spoon (a number of riders decided to do this holding the spoon in their mouth. Plus a few cheated and glad-wrapped their egg to the spoon (of course the Wildcats cheated in this, whose idea do you think it was)
4. Slow riding – taking the longest to get from point A to B (not for me, it requires excellent balance)
5. Stacking the highest number of canvas chairs (this got pretty competitive as there were only a set number of chairs, so competitors ended up dragging them off each other)
6. Table tennis with shovels (due to the behaviours with the 5th challenge this was cancelled due to the worry riders would start whacking each other).

I was surprised how competitive it all got. At one stage one of the team was shouting in my face and I responded by saying “it’s just a fucking game you know!”. I think he had lost that point.


Slowest Bike Ride

I managed to misplace my purse that has my money and unusually both my credit cards. I pulled apart the room and thankfully found I had accidentally packed it in a packing cell in my permanent bag. Phew!

I went to pay the bill and of course both breakfast and dinner were not on it, so I had to wait while that was sorted out – only took only 45 minutes to sort.

Dinner was a barbecue again, and TDA said they would provide sides if we provided our protein. So it was sausages and a baked potato – no bread or salad.

Today is the last rest day. Tomorrow we cross over into South Africa and we have 6 riding days, including tomorrow, until we arrive in Capetown.


The next 6 riding days

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