8 May: Springbok to Garies

It was very cold this morning, I had full finger clothes and my rain coat on setting out.

Unfortunately my nice warm thermals and over boots are in my permanent bag and my toes are freezing. I did have a look in the truck where the permanent bags are stored to see if I could see mine, and if I could I was going to ask to get into it. Unfortunately it is buried under others and can’t be seen.

I resorted to a trick I used in South America where the last couple of weeks were very cold – plastic bags on my feet. But instead of a plastic bag over my shoes, I had a pair of socks, then a plastic bag, then another pair of socks – kept my feet pretty warm.

As well as being cold it is overcast, so hopefully it warms up when the sun comes out. There is lots of climbing, so by 20 k, I am warm enough to take my coat etc off. There is a lot of climbing today but some great descents as well, and the same bleak but stunning scenery. Sand and mountains.


Overnight stop in country town of Garies

The campground at Garies has fallen into disrepair and the toilets are unusable and TDA have been told they can not dig holes, so tonight TDA has put everyone up in a hotel or bed and breakfast.

We are at a bed and breakfast called Sophie’s full of old stuff from the 50’s, it’s pretty quaint. The shower is all ceramic and pieces of mirror and glass with yellow flowers.

The dinner tonight is white pasta, broccoli in sauce, and tomato and cucumber salad .I am pretty much done with TDA food and hope not to see another cucumber and tomato salad for many months. At least not one without lettuce and other ingredients.

Tomorrow we get to see the sea (Atlantic Ocean) which I am really looking forward to.


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