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10 May: Strandfontien to Elandsbay

109 km to ride, with 1040 metres to climb and down 1040 down.

It was very cold in the tent overnight and I ended up sleeping with my jacket on, as well as trousers plus had the sleeping bag pulled up over my head! Thankfully only two more nights after this, it is getting too cold for camping.


Leaving the Strandfontein camp for Elandsbay


Such a pretty spot


The Atlantic Ocean

The first 11km we had a nice view of the sea and tarmac, and then we turned onto gravel for 49 km, of which 20 km was into a wind. Not much fun and pretty slow going. I rode 20 km with Rommy, chatting to her which helped pass the time.

At 31 km we turned right and while we still had 29 km of gravel at least it wasn’t into a head wind, more of a cross wind. Mostly I managed to ride but there were bits that I had to get off and walk. I was very pleased to get back onto the tarmac at 60 km.

We had a nice 11 km stretch on the tarmac with a tail wind till lunch at a very pretty spot called Lamberts Bay.


Another gravel shortcut, but back on the tar


Cool, breezy autumn morning. Doringbaai fishing boat harbour


Nice riding in the morning alongside the South Atlantic

After lunch the first 5 km was a tail wind and flat, after that it was head wind or cross winds and quite a bit of climbing. Just before camp there was a great 6 km downhill which was pretty steep, I was very relieved to hear at the riders meeting that we don’t have to climb back up it in the morning.

Tonight we have managed to book a room in the little hotel by the campsite. Tomorrow we are going to be tenting so as we have a room and the hotel has a restaurant we decided to celebrate my birthday a day early and have dinner at the hotel tonight.


Overnight staying at the Elandsbay Hotel

Over at the camp site I was amused to see a dog that looked very much like my old dog Pat (Pat was part Huntaway, part Great Dane and part Lab, with a Lab obsession with food). This dog not only looked like Pat but was involved in his favourite occupation – scavenging for food (this one was checking out the camp rubbish bins).


“Pat” look alike checking out the bins at Elandsbay beach camp.

We had a very nice meal outside in the courtyard with the 4 stray cats that live here.  Very friendly, especially when the food came out, but they fought a bit amongst themselves so we quickly realised to throw the scraps in different directions.

We had a lovely sea food platter with prawns, grilled Hake which was delicious, some mussels, and some crumbed fish, plus a very nice bottle of Chenin Blanc.

Peter and Elaine stopped by our table and had a drink and somehow that it was mentioned that it’s my birthday tomorrow. I had been keeping that under the radar.


Early birthday dinner with the stray cats


Elandsbay Hotel cats finishing off the seafood platter


 Sunset from Elandsbay Hotel

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