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13 May: Day One in Cape Town

Awake of course I was at 6 am even though I don’t need to be. We are moving hotels today to the Portswood, right by the wharf district in Cape Town.

I finished packing and then went down to breakfast, another round of goodbyes to various riders.

When we were waiting for the van to take us to the new hotel Carl and Fritz turned up with a new Dougy that they had found at the Chinese market. We found Lulu and took photos of her and Dougy 2.


The Wildcats with Dougy


LuLu overjoyed to get Dougy back

Once we had checked in and sorted out getting the bike boxes stored it was time to meet up with Barry Mahon who works at CCDHB and is currently holidaying in Cape Town. Barry and his wife Sue come from Cape Town. Barry took us on a tour around Cape Town – up to look outs, to the beach, to the university and to a very nice cafe.


Trip around Cape Town beaches and bays


Hout Bay


Barry and Kaye on Kommetjie Beach

We got to see a number of places we wouldn’t have otherwise. At the beach was a sign advising people to walk in groups of 4 or more and not to resist if you are robbed! A bit daunting.

There are self-employed parking attendants at most car parks who work for tips. They point out parks and look after your car while you are gone. In a city with 30% unemployment, and no benefits if you are under 65 and single, then people have to make a living any way they can.

Barry and Sue are about to head off on holiday to Botswana to a number of places we have ridden through. Barry dropped us off at 7pm at the Wharf and we went to a pub called Mitchell’s for dinner. I had a Mexican burger which was one of the nicest burgers I have ever had.


End of the bike ride, time to be a real tourist. Shift from Lagoon Beach into the Portswood Hotel


Coastal road Hout Bay


Kommetjie Beach


Cape Town University

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