15 May: Cape Town to Stellenbosch

Yesterday we had put all our washing into the front desk. Instead of it being a price per bag as per usual, it was per item. When I filled out the form I assumed it was in South African money.

We were woken up about 6:15am by loud banging on the door. It was the laundry – all the riding shirts and other shirts were on individual hangers, and the socks, undies, riding pants etc were all in gift wrapped boxes tied up with ribbon!  When we went to pay the bill we discovered the cost was actually in USD and our washing cost $250 USD. No wonder it was gift wrapped.


Early morning delivery of the laundry 🧺

Today we are heading to the wine region called Stellenbosch via Cape of Good Hope which has a lighthouse and was very important for shipping.

At the Cape we climbed up to the Lighthouse and then went to the restaurant for lunch.

I  had line fish as a main and an entree of four fresh oysters, each with a different topping
1. Strawberry, basil and balsamic
2. Pickled ginger, coriander, chili and sesame
3. Burnt pineapple and pickled melon
4. Apple, lemon and fennel


Oysters for lunch at Cape Point

On the way back we stopped at St James beach and saw the Iconic Boat/bathing sheds, plus we stopped and saw the penguins. On the way to Stellenbosch we went past a huge Shanty town, home to over a million people. It went on forever.

Then up to Stellenbosch to the Oude Werf Hotel. The hotel is built on the site of the first church in South Africa and the hotel is the longest running Inn in South Africa.


Staying 3 nights at the Ouse Werf Hotel in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch is like Martinborough but on bigger scale – there are 160 vineyards and numerous restaurants.

We had dinner at the hotel. Brett had a trio made up of
1. beef boboties – a traditional meal mince with turmeric, rice, raisins and tomatoes
2. chicken, mushroom and leek pie
3. ox tail stew 

I had the beef burger, and we shared Creme brûlée’s for dessert.


Drive to Cape Point Lt.Ho


Cape of Good Hope viewed from the Cape Point Lt.Ho.

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  1. Imad Aljanabi

    Now it is a holiday. Enjoy.

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