20 May: lazy day in Dubai

After getting to bed at about 4 am we slept in until 9:30 am, then off to have breakfast before it stopped at 10 am. The WIFI was not working in the room and when we went to reception it turned out we were not entered into the hotel system at all! Finally we got room keys and WIFI. Staying here feels like hard work.

We spent the day relaxing – swimming, catching up with emails and blogs. I didn’t leave the hotel apart from to go swimming in the sea, plus I went swimming in the hotel pool.


Brett had a quick taxi trip to get some more tape to wrap around the bike boxes, as we noticed when they came off the plane that they were starting to split in a few spots.

We had a very nice dinner upstairs in the hotels roof restaurant. A nice gin and tonic to start, then a lovely ceviche, then spicy tacos, with a bottle of Tempranillo wine. Very warm there today, 55 degrees. Hard to imagine we are heading home into winter.

We had an early night as have an early pick up at 6:30am tomorrow.


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