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Missing Photos and bonus video

These photos somehow missed going with their correct posts:


16 April: Tom retired director and documentary now author


22 Apr: Thunderstorm camp


Apr 25: Tallis getting the beer for the next Bush Camp


Apr 28: Truck loaded up ready for another day on the road


Apr 28: Namib Desert. Peter and Elaine Cox


Apr 28: Crossing the line out of the tropics


May 9: The mosaic bathroom in Garies

This is a video put together by another person on the trip, and is a good cross section of the trip

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21 to 22 May: Leaving Dubai and arriving in NZ

The pick up from the hotel to the airport arrived on time and there was hardly any traffic so we got to the airport with plenty of time.

Unfortunately we struck a very unpleasant lady at check in. First she told us the bike boxes were over size and they couldn’t go on the plane! We tried to tell her they had come on Emirates from South Africa to here, but she wasn’t interested.

Finally she got her supervisor to come over, he was like “What’s the problem, they are fine”. Then despite me requesting at the start that she deal with our bookings separately, as I was going to NZ and Brett was stopping in Sydney, she ignored me and luckily we picked up that she had checked my bike to Sydney and Brett’s to NZ.

Then despite it being on the booking she refused to allow Brett his extra 12 kilos luggage allowance that he gets through being silver status with Qantas, which is a partner airline. So Brett had to pay for 12 kilos of excess baggage.

Lastly, despite asking for an aisle seat on the Sydney to Wellington flight, she allocated me a middle seat at the very back of the plane where the seats don’t recline. Thankfully the plane on that leg was not full so I was able to move to an aisle seat, and I had already booked and paid for an aisle seat on the Dubai to Sydney leg.

Usual horrors of long haul flying that seems endless, and instantly forgotten the moment you get off a plane.

As always the sadness of another holiday being over is mitigated by the joy of seeing family and friends.

Thanks to Rachel and Nic for the travel booking and the invaluable advice on the best place for a safari and other tips of where to visit.

Thanks to Ollie the bike mechanic for getting my bike into shape (and thanks in advance for the work now required).

Thanks for the comments on the blog and other messages of encouragement.

And last but not least, to my ever patient daughter and blog editor Kelly.

Until the next time.

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