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Day 114: Rest day in San Juan

I made the most of the chance to sleep in and once again made it down to breakfast 30 minutes before the finish. Toast seems to be a regular part of the diet in Argentina as there was a toaster again. Fred, who fell off his bike the day we rode out of Lima and […]

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General Update, and photos – 29 July 2015

There is very little smoking that I have seen so far in Colombia. A bit more in the city but probably less than 1 in 100 people, and in the country less than that. However all the major food chains have made their way to the cities: Mc Donald’s, KFC, Subway, and Dunkin Donuts. Everywhere […]

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Day 18/164: Rest Day Two in Bogota – The tourist!

Bogota has a population of nearly 8 million people. With the surrounding towns this goes up to 10 million. Bogota is amongst the 25 largest cities in the world, and is situated 2,640 meters above sea level. Also it is the second highest city for elevation in South America (highest is Quito).We have approximately two […]

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Day 79: Avis to Benavente – 104k

6,233km down: 55km to go  It was a very quiet camp site last night, but I still managed to wake up at 2am and stay awake for a couple of hours. “Oh well” I thought “At least it is the second to last night in the tent, and its not raining”. I know I have […]

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Day 66: Arnes to Canizar de Olivar – 116k

5,219km down: 1,006km to go  (Up 1,478 metres, and down 943) I had another dreadful night’s sleep, the Italian family at the campsite before Genoa had nothing on their Spanish counterparts. There were people drinking when we got to camp about 2:30pm, and still going after midnight. One particular woman had a great parenting technique, every […]

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Day 60: Colera to Sant Feliu de Gulixols – 90k

4,791km down: 1,434km to go  Not a great night sleep again, the camp site restaurant pumped up about 9pm and was still noisy until about midnight, at which point a camp site dog took over keeping people awake by barking every few minutes. I have not been using my ear phones as they seem to […]

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Day 59: Le Balcares to Colera – 76k

4,701km down: 1,524km to go (3/4 of the way there!) I never sleep well in a tent but last night I was awake for a few hours and could not go back to sleep. I feel very conflicted being over here with Lizzy just having had a baby. I rang Lizzy before leaving camp this […]

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Day 57: Montpellier to Valpas Plage – 86 k

4,537km down: 1,688km to go We left the hotel in a convoy for the first 5k. As already mentioned, the weather is noticeably colder, most riders are wearing jackets, and even a couple are wearing hats. The wind was around, but not too bad. We had reasonably good riding until the lunch stop. All I […]

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Day 54: Aups to Salon-de-Provence – 111k

4,331km down: 1,894km to go I woke up during the night to heavy rain, so I jumped up and pulled in the washing. I slept the best I have so far in a tent, I only woke about four times. It was still raining this morning – it is always so pleasant taking down a […]

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Day 53: Cannes to Aups – 101k

4,220km down: 2,005km to go We set off in the convoy just before 7am this morning, the weather was not too hot to start with. At the end of the convoy we had a reasonable climb which certainly woke my legs up. There were some really pretty bays with some interesting rock red formations. There […]

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