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Day 72: Madrid to Pelayos De La Presa – 83k

5,654km down: 571km to go Once again I enjoyed sleeping in a bed. There was a bit of chaos leaving the hotel due to the single left, so by the time we finally left in the convoy the traffic was pretty gridlocked. We rode in the midst of it for about 6k, and then we […]

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Day 71: Rest day two in Madrid

It was nice to sleep in a bed again and have wifi in the room. I skyped with my family again, and got to see Xavier with an eye open at last, for a moment before he returned to sleep. Breakfast was late again, the staff must be getting very frustrated trying to work in […]

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Day 70: Rest day one in Madrid

As parts of the renovations at the hotel are taking place in the restaurant, we all got breakfast delivered to our rooms. Nice plan, but as mentioned last night there is only one very slow moving lift! My breakfast was due at 8:30, so when it got to 9am I rang up to find out […]

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Day 69: Sacedon to Madrid – 123k

5,571km down: 654km to go Up 1,400 metres It was quiet in the campsite, I hardly heard anyone all night. The temperature has certainly dropped at night; I spent the whole night in the sleeping bag last night. It is also totally dark now when it is time to get up – thankfully I got batteries for […]

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The best, the worst, and the scariest

On the flights home I had time to think about the trip, and what the highlights have been – apart from the incredible privilege of being able to have three months of holiday. I also had a chance to think about the less favourable parts of the trip . . . In no order of […]

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Day 74: Madrigal de la Vera to Malpartida de Plasencia – 88k

5,850km down: 375km to go Up 1,250 metres, down 1,150 To start off with the camp site had looked really quiet, but we did not realize how many permanent residents of the camp there were. Plus there was a football game with Real Madrid playing at 8:30pm, so the bar got busy, and a stream of people […]

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Day 73: Pelayos de La Presa to Madrigal de la Vera – 108k

5,762km down: 463km to go Up 877 metres, down 1036 I slept quite badly last night, I guess I am not really a camper by nature, give me a room any day over a tent! Still I have not succumbed to getting a room and have tented every tenting day since Venice. I review this decision […]

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Day 68: Molina de Aragon to Sacedon – 109k

5,448km down: 777km to go How nice it was to wake up in a bed, even though for some reason mine had a plastic undersheet, so it crinkled every time I turned over, but I still slept well. Breakfast was amazing, fresh fruit, TOAST, homemade cake, meat platters, juice, proper coffee, plus freshly made omelettes. […]

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The Trans-Europa Bicycle Expedition will provide a road through European history and culture – museums, UNESCO heritage sites, monumental castles, splendid palaces and historic cities. This great adventure will begin at the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg – Russia’s window onto the west and the site of one of WWII’s most important battles. Eleven weeks […]