In 2012 I completed the Trans-Europa (Amber route) trip, from St Petersburg, Russia to Salvaterra de Magos, Lisbon. The trip involved 62 riding days – ranging from 60 km to 145 km, with an average of 105 km or 65 miles per day, and 18 rest days.

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and have since done several more trips:

The South American Epic (2015)
Trans-Oceania (2016)
The Odyssey (2017)
The Pub Ride (2018)

I also enjoyed blogging about my adventures the first time, so have done it for each trip since then. I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Shellbe

    Hi Mum! have fun. xxxx

  2. Ama

    Hope your trip is wonderful and every bit as restful as it is exciting. Thank you for everything, and for the support and patience you’ve shown. Safe travels! – Ama

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