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Day 52: Rest day in Cannes

I woke up in time for breakfast this time. It was so nice to wake up in an air-conditioned room in a comfortable bed (and having a toilet and shower). It is amazing how you appreciate really simple things: No bugs! (although one small sandfly did attempt to bite me just before it went to […]

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Day 50: Genoa to Diano Marino, Imperia – 117k

3,987km down: 2,238km to go I woke up in plenty of time to get ready and use the Wifi – or so I thought. First of all the lift was not working, it was showing on the control panel that it was on the 7th floor – um there is no 7th floor. Getting bags […]

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Day 47: Casalmaggiore to Bobbio – 112k

3,773km down: 2,454km to go So once again we set off early to try and beat the heat. The mosquitos were pretty savage again in the morning and it’s hard to see them when it is still dark. We have been noticing since we have been in Italy not only do the Italian women dress […]

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Day 35: Szomathely to Moravče – 90k

2,912km down: 3,313km to go. There were only three hills of note today, one was a 12% gradient with a stop sign down the bottom of the start of it, that which I couldn’t get a run up it. Today started off with nice cool weather, with a threat of rain during the day. Luckily […]

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