The Trans-Europa Bicycle Expedition will provide a road through European history and culture – museums, UNESCO heritage sites, monumental castles, splendid palaces and historic cities. This great adventure will begin at the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg – Russia’s window onto the west and the site of one of WWII’s most important battles. Eleven weeks later the tour will arrive in the historic oceanside city of Lisbon. The Trans-Europa will provide a glimpse into Europe’s past … and its future through over 6200 km on the best cycling roads Europe has to offer.

The Trans-Europa Bicycle Expedition features 62 riding days – ranging from 60 km to 145 km, with an average of 105 km or 65 miles per day, and 18 rest days. On the rest days, we will be free to create our own adventures – whether that means exploring landmark museums and cathedrals, experiencing gourmet dining, or just relaxing and sending e-mails home from the local internet cafe.

Spend a day wandering the streets of Europe’s oldest baroque town in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. In Krakow we have two days to explore the city, including the Rynek Glowny, one of Europe’s most famous public squares. Or take a day trip 70 km west of the city and reflect on the evil that was Auschwitz-Birkenau. While in the capital of Slovenia, we can take time out to visit Ljubljana Castle – sitting atop a hill overlooking the centre of town. Take a gondola ride through the canals of Venice to St Mark’s Square and the Palace of the Doges. See a movie (or movie star) in Cannes. Walk down Las Ramblas in Barcelona and visit the famous Prado Art Museum in Madrid.

For more information, see:

Map of cycle route

Date Departure City Arrival City

Sun 08/07/2012

St Petersburg Peterhof

Mon 09/07/2012

Peterhof Kingisepp

Tue 10/07/2012

Kingisepp Saka

Wed 11/07/2012

Saka Lainela

Thu 12/07/2012

Lainela Tallin

Fri 13/07/2012

Rest day

Sat 14/07/2012

Tallin Luthre Talu

Sun 15/07/2012

Luthre Talu Joulumae

Mon 16/07/2012

Joulumae Limbazi

Tue 17/07/2012

Limbazi Riga

Wed 18/07/2012

Rest day

Thu 19/07/2012

Riga Biržai

Fri 20/07/2012

Biržai Anykščiai

Sat 21/07/2012

Anykščiai Vilnius

Sun 22/07/2012

Rest day

Mon 23/07/2012

Vilnius Seirijai

Tue 24/07/2012

Seirijai Augustów

Wed 25/07/2012

Augustów Nowogrod

Thu 26/07/2012

Nowogrod Pułtusk

Fri 27/07/2012

Pułtusk Warsaw

Sat 28/07/2012

Rest day

Sun 29/07/2012

Warsaw Smardzewice

Mon 30/07/2012

Smardzewice Bobolice

Tue 31/07/2012

Bobolice Krakow

Wed 01/08/2012

Rest Day

Thu 02/08/2012

Rest Day

Fri 03/08/2012

Krakow Oravice

Sat 04/08/2012

Oravice Turany

Sun 05/08/2012

Turany Banska Stiavnika

Mon 06/08/2012

Banska Stiavnika Jelenec

Tue 07/08/2012

Jelenec Bratislava

Wed 08/08/2012

Rest day

Thu 09/08/2012

Bratislava Balf

Fri 10/08/2012

Balf Szombathely

Sat 11/08/2012

Szombathely Moravce Toplice

Sun 12/08/2012

Moravce Toplice Ptuj

Mon 13/08/2012

Ptuj Prebold

Tue 14/08/2012

Prebold Ljubljana

Wed 15/08/2012

Rest day

Thu 16/08/2012

Ljubljana Ozeljan

Fri 17/08/2012

Ozeljan Caorle

Sat 18/08/2012

Caorle Venice

Sun 19/08/2012

Rest day

Mon 20/08/2012

Rest day

Tue 21/08/2012

Venice Montagnana

Wed 22/08/2012

Montagnana Casalmaggiore

Thu 23/08/2012

Casalmaggiore Bobbio

Fri 24/08/2012

Bobbio Genoa

Sat 25/08/2012

Rest day

Sun 26/08/2012

Genoa Imperia

Mon 27/08/2012

Imperia Cannes

Tue 28/08/2012

Rest day

Wed 29/08/2012

Cannes Aups

Thu 30/08/2012

Aups Salon-de-Provence

Fri 31/08/2012

Salon-de-Provence Montpellier

Sat 01/09/2012

Rest day

Sun 02/09/2012

Montpellier Vendres

Mon 03/09/2012

Vendres Le Balcares

Tue 04/09/2012

Le Balcares Colera

Wed 05/09/2012

Colera Sant Feliu de Gulixols

Thu 06/09/2012

Sant Feliu de Gulixols Barcelona

Fri 07/09/2012

Rest day

Sat 08/09/2012

Rest day

Sun 09/09/2012

Barcelona Tarragona

Mon 10/09/2012

Tarragona Arnes

Tue 11/09/2012

Arnes Canizar del Olivar

Wed 12/09/2012

Canizar del Olivar Molina de Aragon

Thu 13/09/2012

Molina de Aragon Sacedon

Fri 14/09/2012

Sacedon Madrid

Sat 15/09/2012

Rest day

Sun 16/09/2012

Rest day

Mon 17/09/2012

Madrid Pelayos de la Presa

Tue 18/09/2012

Pelayos de la Presa Madrigal de la Vera

Wed 19/09/2012

Madrigal de la Vera Malpartida de Plasencia

Thu 20/09/2012

Malpartida de Plasencia Caceras

Fri 21/09/2012

Rest day

Sat 22/09/2012

Caceras Valencia de Alcantara

Sun 23/09/2012

Valencia de Alcantara Avis

Mon 24/09/2012

Avis Salvaterra de Magos

Tue 25/09/2012

Salvaterra de Magos Lisbon



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