Day 61/164: Pucusana to Cerro Azul – 117km

1,400 meters of climbing and 1,425 down. Including a 30 k dirt road.

The first part of the ride was pretty flat and fast going. I was getting up to 34 to 35 kilometre per hour on the straights and more going down the hills. I broke my speed limit, which I have not managed to break in 3 years, it was 56.8 now it is 58.7(no sniggers all you speedsters).

All good things come to an end: we came to the 30 kilometre dirt road. The 10 kilometres before lunch were pretty tough going, about 6.5 to 7 kilometres with rocks which were slippery. I was calculating how long this was going to take if it was all uphill.

At the lunch truck at 50 kilometres I did not stop for long, as I got cold very quickly once I had stopped. After lunch we did 2 kilometres up, and then yay it was downhill the rest of the 30 kilometres.

I am getting more confident going downhill, but was certainly shaken about by the rocks as I have no suspension on my bike. I nearly came off 3 times when I hit deep sand, but managed to stay on.

Once at the bottom we were onto paved roads again, but with lots of uneven surfaces. There were lots of carts laden up with maize or wood, with about four donkeys pulling each cart.

On the road to Cerro Azul

On the road to Cerro Azul

There are dogs of every make and description and ancestry here, from Great Danes, Dalmatians to Chihuahuas. We came round a corner and there was a dog in the middle of the road on its back, with its legs sticking up into the air!  Oh no not another dead dog! But no, it was just having a nap and suddenly jumped up, stretched, and wandered off.

The hotel we are staying (Hospedaje Espana) is a pretty basic hostel, but it has showers (cold water), cold beer, and the place we are staying is a very pretty little port. I went for a walk along the pier and the beach front.

For dinner was beef stew, rice and vegetable mix.

Donkey self feeder

Donkey self feeder

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