Bulletin 20 (2)

July 2nd, 2015

Social Media & Emergency Contacts

Share Your Story via #southamericanepic

Some of you may be sharing your journey through South America with friends and family via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s a great way to send quick words and photos out to the world from a smartphone or laptop. We suggest bringing an unlocked device so you can use a local SIM card. The 2015 tour will be using #southamericanepic as the official event hashtag. Use this in all your Instagram photos, tweets, and status updates to make it become part of the story line of the tour online. It will be used by staff and riders alike. Try it out and tell your family members to follow along on our adventure!

Our official 2015 event hashtag #southamericanepic

TDA accounts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tourdafrique
Instagram: http://instagram.com/tourdafrique
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tourdafrique

Are You Writing a Blog?

Beside using social networks, many people will also keep a blog to record the events of the tour in a journal format. Family and friends can subscribe to your blog and get alerts via email every time you post a new entry.

There are many free and very easy to use blogging programs to choose from. Try it out, your friends and family will appreciate it.

WordPressTumblrBloggerCrazy Guy on a BikeTravelPod

Here are a few articles that might also be helpful…

Starting Your First BlogHow Do I Start a Blog?10 Tips for Beginners

Emergency Contact

In case of an emergency at home, the best way for family and friends to reach you while you are biking will be through our email as this account is monitored almost 24 hours a day. Please inform your family and friends of the email address that has been sent to you.

Our head office phone number in Toronto is included in your information. From 10am to 6pm EST,  your loved ones can call with any questions they may have.

Also, our office gets regular phone calls and emails from the tour staff, so important messages can be relayed in either direction (Tour to Office or vice versa). Please note that these are primarily for important and urgent messages only. Family members can also follow our Twitter stream as we try to update it regularly from the field with action as it happens.

Rider Profiles on the Website

A few of you have not posted your beautiful pictures yet on our rider profile page. Please login to your MyTours account and upload your photo and description today! See those already uploaded here.

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One thought on “Bulletin 20 (2)

  1. Carol Thomas

    Great hearing all your news Kaye and you and your bike look great. We have snow all round us today so bloody freezing. Enjoy your journey Good luck xo

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