Day 32: Lütjenburg to Sakskøbing

Today was a pretty short day only 89 k and mostly flat.


Awaiting Rider’s Meeting and breakfast before our last day in Germany.

To start off was fields, crops, and windmills, and a slightly up gradient.


Photo shoot at strawberry farm

We came to the top of a hill at about 40 km and had a great view of the Baltic Sea.


Our first view of the Baltic Sea

At 62.3 km we had lunch, followed by a 45 min ferry ride on the Prins Richard to Denmark.


Last day in Germany, on bike lane to the ferry at Puttgarden.


Last bridge in Germany before the ferry to Denmark.



In the queue for the ferry at Puttgarden, to leave Germany

On the MF Prins Richard for the crossing to Denmark.

While I was on the ferry I was interested to see a big area of many wind turbines that are right on the water rather than on the land. They are embedded into the sea bed. It is understandably a no go zone for ships and other water craft.

It was a lovely smooth crossing and very warm so we mostly sat outside on the deck. Dogs are also allowed up on the ferry, much nicer than them having to stay locked in the cars below.



Made it! 


Once we docked we only had 27 km to ride to Sakskøbing Hotel in Sakskøbing where we are staying. We were there before 2pm and the rooms were not ready until 3, so we sat outside in the sun having a cold Jacobsen beer. IMG_5733There was a woman’s 100 km road race about to start at 3 pm in the afternoon. This was part of the National Championship road race series in Denmark (it stays light until about 1030 pm) and various riders were warming up. One was on a bike with a frame so she could ride it in one place. We were told she was the Dutch champion, she certainly looked very fit.

While we were sitting there a rider turned up in the 2015 TDA South American riding shirt. It was Klaus who rode the whole ride with us, and was one of 7 riders who rode the entire ride. It was lovely to see him. We got all the 2015 riders together and took a photo
Dan, Tony, Shirley, me, Gregg, Brett and Klaus.

Reunion photo of riders from SAE 2025, top to bottom, Dan, Anthony, me, Michelle, Klauss, Brett, Shirley.

It was lovely to see him, we reminisced about the ride and caught up with news of the other riders etc. Klaus is going to ride from his home town 30 km up the road to the lunch stop with us tomorrow, and the 2015 South American rides are going to call in at his house for coffee and a Danish.

We didn’t notice the time and suddenly realised it was 5:40pm and dinner was at 6pm, so we raced off into the hotel to get checked in and showered.

We had dinner at the Sakskøbing Hotel which has a pretty good reputation.

There were some amazing salads, bread, cheeses and pork belly and pork cheek. The majority of riders were pretty happy, but the non pork eaters, vegetarians and vegans were not that well catered for as there were no vegetarian or vegan replacements offered. Chicken platters did arrive well into the meal but most people were full by this time. Overall though I thought the food was pretty good.

We all got given our Pub Ride 2018 riding top. I have not been very happy with my last three tops as they are very short in the torso which I don’t like. However this time I requested a mans top and it’s great. I was hoping that the person providing the tops wouldn’t think I had done this by accident and change it to a woman’s.

After dinner we went up the road to the Mike Coo pub of the day The Goose Bar but were quite tired so left after a red wine. However when we got back to hotel the TDA staff were playing the guitars on the roof top and we went up and joined them.



From left to right – Gergo, Balazs with guitar, Catalin, Brad 


Gergo has a range of percussion instruments and he gave me one shaped like an egg and Brett a wooden serrated instrument that you run a stick over, and we were part of the band. I shook the egg enthusiastically but I am not sure how much in time with the beat I was, but was good fun.


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