16 May: Day One in Stellenbosch

Today we are doing a wine tour by bike which a bit like a busman’s holiday. The company is called Bikes ‘n’ Wines and our guide is called Ethan. As well as doing these tours Ethan is also doing a tourism guide course to give him more options for employment. Tourism is a big industry here, the taxi driver Colin who dropped us off is doing a sommelier course.

Riding a mountain biking is a big adjustment from a cyclo cross bike, especially how hard and sudden the front brakes stop you, plus riding without cleats. Also mentally convincing myself I could ride this bike on the terrain because it was made for this stuff, such as through sand, uphill, and over jumps and bumps.


Amongst the vineyards


Ride n’ Wines

We went to 4 vineyards
1. Neethlingshof, which was fantastic we had a wine and food match
2. Dewal wine
3. Skilpadvlei, where we had wine and a cheese platter
4. Lovane, where we had wine and a chocolate platter


Ride n’ wine through the Stellenbosch vineyards. 1st off: Neethlingshof Estate est. 1680


Neethlingshof Estate

The wines were Chenin Blanc, Pinotage (a cross between a Pinot and a cinsaut), plus a mixture of other red and whites. It was a very pleasant way to spend the day but would have been challenging doing the ride without a reasonable amount of bike experience and fitness.

We had dinner at a place called the Fat Butcher. We had a nice Shiraz. I had lamb rump chargrilled rare to medium (had to be returned once as it was medium to well done). Brett had a steak called the Collins which was flambéed in Cointreau.

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